Sustainable cattle 

Finish on grass

 The Lowline breed finishes on grass, without the requirement for additional concentrate feed. 

The Lowline is a smaller size than other traditional Beef breeds and therefore has a better stocking density than traditional cattle. 

What are the benefits of the Lowline

Lowline Cattle are the product of a research project carried out at the Trangie Research Centre in New South Wales from pedigree registered Aberdeen Angus stock purchased from Scotland, the USA, Canada and Australia in 1929, with additional top purebred Angus cattle being brought into the herd.

From 1964 the research herd was completely closed to additional outside animals.

In the early 1990s the Lowline herd was released into the open market. Purchased animals have since moved to New Zealand, USA and Canada the UK and all over Europe.

Beef Cattle

Lowlines have a much higher killing out percentage and meat to bone ratios, so there is more meat and less wastage.

Shorter Gestation Time

Mature cows will typically calf two weeks earlier than most other cattle. 

Easy calving

Small calves that are vigorous and look to suckle quickly

Stocking Density

Stock 2.5 animals per acre.


Lowline are naturally docile and are easier to handle because of their size. 

Naturally polled

No horns to worry about

Stock Available

We have a limited number of in-calf heifers that will be released this year. They will be scanned in calf and ready for collection June 2022

Please get in touch if if you would like to know more.

Bagber House Farm 

We are a small, grass farm near Sturminster Newton, in the Blackmore vale. The area is well known for its grass growing ability. 
Our herd has been established by the purchase of all our stock from Wessex Lowlines, who were the original importers to the UK. They have been a huge help with the establishment of our herd and have remained our 'go to' for all Lowline related issues. 

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